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Services are exclusively provided via telehealth (video or phone.)


Substance abuse and addiction can adversely impact virtually every area of a person’s life. Feelings of guilt, shame, and loss of control are usually associated with all addictions and therapy can help reverse the process. If you suspect that drug or alcohol use is contributing to your problems, please call so that we can determine whether therapy will help. I have worked in this field for over ten years and appreciate being able to help others find their way out of this seemingly impossible situation.


Anxiety and depression are pervasive in our culture and can manifest in our lives in countless ways. Common symptoms include job burnout, irritability, lack of interest or enjoyment in life, isolation, obsessive/compulsive behaviors, or phobias. These symptoms are sometimes linked to limiting self-beliefs learned earlier in life. I enjoy helping individuals release these patterns to allow for optimal health and happiness.


Grief is a commonly misunderstood process in our culture, even among mental health professionals. We all experience loss in our lives, whether it be due to death, divorce, change in health or functioning, and grief is the normal response. We often receive little support during the grief process and are even discouraged from experiencing or expressing the wide variety of emotions accompanying it. How often do we hear from well meaning loved ones that we should “keep a stiff upper lip” or “be strong” for someone else? Unresolved grief from the past can negatively impact interpersonal relationships in the present and it can be easily resolved with the right tools.


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that can develop as a result of experiencing or witnessing a trauma. While military combat is the most common cause of PTSD, it can be caused by any catastrophic life event, including rape or other violent assault, natural disaster, auto accident, mugging, or abuse. PTSD can also be the result of repetitive smaller traumas, such as those experienced growing up in an unstable or abusive environment. 

PTSD not only affects those who personally experience a trauma, but can affect those who witness it or help to pick up the pieces afterwards. The effects of unresolved trauma can include stress, anxiety, hypervigilance, depression, nightmares, insomnia, unwarranted fears and irritability. With newer techniques available for treating trauma, these symptoms can often be rapidly reduced, sometimes in just a few sessions. I specialize in the treatment of all types of trauma using both traditional and newer innovative techniques.

Energy Psychology

Energy psychology can be most simply described as "acupressure for the emotions." It combines traditional psychotherapy with acupressure, yoga, qi gong, and energy techniques that often lead to rapid results in therapy. Energy psychology techniques can help with a variety of clinical problems, including PTSD/trauma, anxiety, depression, chemical and behavioral addictions, phobias, anger, jealousy, obsessions, and more! Energy psychotherapy is still considered an "experimental treatment," although early research has been promising. A professional paper that reviews this research and speculates on why the method seems to work can be downloaded for free from The techniques are simple, non-invasive, and easy to learn. I hold certification as a Diplomate of Comprehensive Energy Psychology and enjoy teaching these methods to all who are interested to help empower themselves.



Your guidance has been invalueable. You have given me very powerful tools that I will use for life! Thank you very much.


The benefits I have experienced from Roxanne's method of energy psychology have brought me to a new and profound place of healing. I have experienced increased grounding, insight, clarity, and balance and have had the opportunity to change habits related to years of traumatic emotions and accumulated stress. I appreciate how Roxanne has given me the tools I need to continue to learn about how my energy is connected to my lifestyle and patterns, which empowers me to continue to grow and heal. 



Roxanne's method of Energy Psychology is an amazingly unique approach to healing that really gets to the root of the issue. She takes the time to ask important questions & truly understand what's going on with her clients. She is extremely knowledgable & skilled in applying a technique that is beneficial and easy to learn and do on your own for continued healing and maintaining results. She provides all the necessary tools so that you may return to a naturally healthy state of balance.


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